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I am interested in processes such as natural selection, speciation, adaptive radiation, morphological stasis and genome architecture. To study these, I employ modern sequencing techniques and bioinformatic tools (i.e. population genomics). My research focuses on non-model organisms.

For my PhD project I am studying a complex of cryptic species – the interstitial annelid Stygocapitella subterranea. In specific, I am delving into:

  • Morphological and genetic diversity within the S. subterranea species complex (spoiler: our first data analyses demonstrate morphological conservationism for several millions of years).
  • Demographic history and biogeography using RADseq (loading libraries … )
  • Admixture between sympatric, (presumably) reproductively cryptic isolated lineages.


Here is an updated version of my CV: JCO_Oct’17

For Publications visit my Researchgate profile.